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Magic: the Gathering League

Join us for the Summer '23 Magic League! Players will draft initial league deck from any 4 draft boosters from current or previously standard sets. (Feel free to bring your own packs purchased elsewhere for the draft portion of the League) 


Players will be paired off every week (first week randomly selected, following weeks round robin until all players have faced each other player in the league.)  Each Friday the new match parings will be announced on the FB page, on the website in the League tab, and on the Haul Discord server in the League channel.  Discord invite links will be sent to everyone via the email collected at signup.


Players can meet up with their competitor for the week during open hours at the shop any day throughout the week to play their weekly match, and\or casual matches.


Each week after completing their paired match, players will receive one pack if they won their match, and 2 packs if they lost (packs must be ones that are available at the Haul). These packs can be used to modify their league deck for the next matchup. Decks and side boards will be held in provided boxes behind the counter at the Haul.


Total price and duration of the League will be calculated once all signups are done. Price will be announced before the 7th when sign up begins. There will be a 10% discount if the league is paid for in full at the beginning. 


The signup sheet will be available in store until the Draft starts. 

League Record and Pairings

  • Each week the new set of parings will be added here, all previous parings and results will remain week to week.

League Rules

     These Rules are subject to change in-between League seasons

  •  There will be a 4 booster pack draft for all players at the beginning of the season. (feel free to bring your own packs for the initial draft, additional packs that are are awarded during the course of the league must be available from the Haul.)

  •  The draft pool, as well as any additional cards gained for the event,    will remain in the Haul at all times until the end of the season.

  •  All matches are best of 3 with your sideboard consisting of the            entirety of your card pool.

  •  There will be no trades allowed for this League (this may change for    future leagues pending feedback)

  • Primary method of scheduling your matches will be done via the           Haul Discord Server.

  • Players that fail to complete there match during the week will draw    their matches or forfeit if a player makes no attempt to                    schedule the match. Final decision about the match status of a pairing that did not play is at the discretion of the event coordinator.


Prizes for this season are as follows

1st Place - Store Championship Dark Confidant Textless Foil Promo!

Valued at over $100.00!

2nd Place - Double Masters Dockside Extortionist 

Valued at over $60.00!

3rd Place - Phyrexia All Will Be One Collector Booster 

valued at 22.00

4th through 8th Place - 2x Set Boosters from available stock

valued at 10.00

9th and beyond - Foil Promo pack 

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