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Special Events

In September we're teaming up with FACC for a special Lord of the Rings screening weekend. There will be movies, trivia, Leaves of Lorien, and an original character creation contest! Watch FACC on social media and our event calendar for more information!

Character Contest

For your original character design we're looking for the following qualities:

              A character who could easily fit into the world of Lord of the Rings

              A functional adventurer for Dungeons&Dragons

              Using D&D 5th Edition

              Character should be created at 6th level

Character sheets are available for pick up at the Haul or can be found at  https://media.wizards.com/2020/dnd/downloads/dnd_5e_charactersheets.pdf

Physical copies of character sheets can be dropped off at the Haul or PDFs can be emailed to us at wanderershaulllc@gmail.com

Submission deadline for the contest is August 27th.

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